In 2004 two brothers, Ruggero and Claudio Mombelli, opened La Bottega di Vittorio in San Bartolomeo, Brescia, having gained experience as restaurateurs at the Trattoria “La Campanella” in Concesio from 1998.

Their idea was to breathe life into the original bottega founded by their parents Vittorio Mombelli and Emilia Piscini in 1954, which was where most of the district had done their grocery shopping for forty years. Ruggero began as a pork butcher at the same premises, and his brother Claudio later developed the business into a restaurant where cold cuts and cheeses could still be purchased while traditional local dishes were served.

The restaurant’s dining room encircles the old counter of the family bottega, which is still a majestic centrepiece amidst the glossy original Berkel meat slicers and weighing scales.